Paintscape 畫景 - 展能藝術家聯展

  • 2019年7月17日 - 27日
    2019年8月15日 - 25日
  • 香港文化中心大堂


走進風景 一起發現

Together we explore the diverse scenery


Paintscape 畫景


An Exhibition of Artists with Disabilities


黃永康 Wong Wing-hong 盧佩鏞 Lo Pui-yung

陳靜雯 Chan Ching-man 陳詩敏 Chan Sze-man 鄭沛彣 Cheng Pui-man 周昭明 Chou Chiu-ming   馮朗晞 Fung Long-hei

何錦輝 Ho Kam-fai     姜旭倫 Keung Yuk-lun    王仕基 Alex King      高楠 Ko Nam         郭啟業 Kwok Kai-yip

劉翠兒 Lau Chui-yi     李穎怡 Lee Wing-yi   李子舜 Li Tze-shun     廖東梅 Liu Tung-mui      盧少娟 Lo Siu-kuen

柯文瀚 Or Man-hon    劉元 Sae Lao Boonma 蘇達成 So Tat-shing   黃錫煌 Wong Shek-wong 黃潤銓 Wong Yun-chuen








What kind of scenery do you 'see' when you close your eyes? Is it different every time?


With a lead-in 'Paint'scape, this 2-phase exhibition presents a selection of landscape paintings from emerging to professional artists with disabilities to reflect on elements that constitute the city and the world according to their own narratives. Ranging from depictions of natural landscapes, to self-derived representations of sceneries and abstract expressions of ineffable affection of the place, the featured works shed light on the rigidity and fluidity of diverse lives in regard to memories, experiences and personal journeys.


The exhibition also provides a platform for visitors to collaborate and examine the commonalities in experience and moments of life we all share.


階段一 Phase I 

2019.7.17  三 Wed - 7.27  六 Sat


階段二 Phase II
2019.8.15  四 Thur - 8.25  日 Sun



Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer


開幕儀式 Opening Ceremony
2019.7.18  四 Thur

16:00 - 17:00



Braille Materials, Hong Kong Sign Interpretation (Opening), Audio Description in Cantonese and Tangible Representation are available in this exhibition. The Arts Accessibility Services are provided by our Arts Accessibility Scheme.


We strives to make our programmes accessible for all, please let us know your needs for suitable arrangements.


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